How do I apply AVP Textures?

Some might assume this piece of work to be an AVP flamethrower with grass and plant textures applied. Why does it have grass textures? It has grass textures because I can’t find the real ones in my folder, there’s over 500 textures to choose from. How do I find and apply the right ones?


Also looks like there’s a problem with the normals, not sure.

Normals are in a different format, you need to convert them first. And you need to search the right textures, there is no other way.

Convert them to what?

Save as a max file and re-open. Then press Shift+T. It’ll show you what textures it uses.

Nice, I’ll try that. So I press shift T in 3DS Max after I import all the textures or what?

No, just re-open it and press shift+t. Don’t have to add any textures.

By textures you mean materials, right?

I don’t know why you’re even trying.

Why Im trying to rip AVP models? this is what I do, i learn stuff.


i learn how to do this stuff by any means possible. This is what I do.


Woops, double type. Phone internet is a pain.

He’s not talking about why you rip models, he’s talking about why do you keep trying to do things you can not do.

Yes it is ok to try, but when someone tells you to do something, you should do as they said.

He said this

Let me break it down for you.

With whatever you want to fix (like the gun you got there) already imported.

Go to file>save and save it

Then open the file you just saved.

Once this is done, and the model is loaded from the save you have made, press Shift + T

Max should show you what textures are being used on the model.

Now before you ask, don’t go on about ‘lol do I import textures too?’

Just do that first. That way people can see you actually understand what you read.

Which I get the feeling alot of people don’t.

Quick Edit:

If this doesn’t help you find the real textures, which it has worked for me a few times.

You WILL HAVE TO go through the textures manually, best bet is to check the uv mapping in max so you have a general Idea as to what the shape of the texture is.

Also it might be a good Idea to get the .DDS thumbnail viewer plugin for windows, makes searching for textures alot easier.

I did do that and I did see the list. I’m going to assume that it lists all the needed textures. Ill try this, thanks.


Okay, I tried it and i still have the same exact problem. Only difference now is that I have a list. I still have 500 textures to choose from. I can see where you thought I was lost but this is not what I wanted. Out of the AVP textures alone from this one scene I have litterally 200 or so textures. I’m not able to locate the Flamethrower ones.

I love you

You made ripping from FEAR so much easier for me now

Kurit, you’re lazy if you don’t want find the textures. You have problems with the smallest things too. Seriously, “what do I do?”

Best advice on the textures I can give you is this.

Stop being lazy and stop expecting the program to do all the work for you, it won’t.

You are going to have to go through all 200+ textures, and I’ll ready gave you advice on how to make that easier by getting the .dds thumbnail viewer.

I told you how to make it even easier by looking at the uv mapping of the weapon that way you know the general shape of what the textures looks like.

If you won’t do this, then I don’t see why you bother working on stuff like this.

On a slightly diffrent note.

There have been rare issuses where the textures will not rip, which most likely means you needs to try and rip the scene again.