How do I attach a prop to a bone?

How would I go about this?

you could probbably use clientside models

You’re helpful.

There is an addon which lets you wear props and change the props you wear dynamically, but i’ve forgotten the name now.

PAC, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

Player Appearance Customiser 2

It is on the front page.



Yes, I realise that, but I wish to code this into my gamemode. I just want to know how to attach a prop to a bone.

Take a look at the PAC code.

Could anyone simply tell me how to do it?

Why dont you just look in the code its not hard this is not the request section we are not going to do it all for you


  • some rendering hook (Ex “PostDrawOpaqueRenderables”)

That’s what you’ll need, good luck.