How do I attach a skin to a SWEP Model?

I’m sure this is either really easy and i’m missing something, or it’s impossible, but

I have a model for a remington shotgun. I coded it into a SWEP, and when i use it in game it’s skinless, as i have no proper skin for it.
If i made or downloaded a skin for it, how would i attach that skin to the model so it would show up in game?
Or could i edit my code to make it call whatever texture file?

edit: the model is called remingt.mdl, i have all my code right so far, please be specific as to placement of texture and name of file/s, thanks

you post in the modelling and skins section

Sorry. Now could you answer my question? Any admins feel free to move this thread btw.

This is only a wild guess, I know nothing about modelling. But it mentions material/skins so meh.

Not really what i was looking for, im just looking to link a skin to a model. But thanks, it was a good read anyways :stuck_out_tongue: