How do I attach segments of a model?

Here is a model of Nick that I ripped, you’ll notice that his forehead and the base of his Neck have thick lines. Now, I’m guessing I have to attach them for the lines to go away, how do I do this?

Why did you rip it, when you could have just decompiled it?

Are you serious?

You actually can’t work this out for yourself?

Because he doesn’t know how to use Google. Trust me, I’ve been following him for a few months. He asks the most n00bish questions, then gets angry when we call him a n00b.

Cue Kurit getting mad at me in 3, 2, 1…

I ripped it so I can add bones to it.


Are you serious?

You can’t just tell me yourself?


Awe damn, you got me…


All brilliant points but not one of them has helped, that’s too bad.

google how to weld vertexes

I know how to weld. Are you suggesting that I select both model segments and weld them from the modifiers list?

And decompiling forbids you from doing that why exactly? Sorry but that doesn’t make any sense.

Also if you ripped it, you should have just attached the parts and welded the vertexes. I still don’t understand why you didn’t just decompile the thing.

I woulden’t expect you to understand. Thank you for the advice.

Since I have your attention, can you tell me why my AVP 3DRs have purple and pink and blue textures when I import them into 3DS? It’s a mess and I can’t get the proper textures to appear.

Select some segment of model, Convert to editable Poly/Mesh
Then you will see in list button called Attach. Press it and select all parts of model that you want to attach, or press little Window like button near Attach to select models from list. That will answer your question in title. Then since you will have it as 1 model, select vertexes and weld them together, I usually in this case select 2 vertexes that are beside aech other and collide them. It’s kinda longer process but I use it.

Thank you.