How do I attract attention to Garry?

I just looked on Google, what DDoS Attacks mean, and I found a DDoS Protection Service which can be found at the link:
It could be useful if Garry sees it. How can I attract his attention?

Thanks. Hope the Attackers will stop once and forever.

to attract the wild garry you must first unbroken garry and display some snacks to lure the creature to your domain where you may do with it as you see fit

DDOS are more complicated than just throwing a bunch of money at a service provider I’m afraid.

Is this going to become a thing? broken garry? What has the subforum come to… I created this :suicide:

I’m sure Garry has done more than Google “DDoS protection” but it is appreciated that you would like to help, OP.

I’m sorry but it’s just too good for me to just pass up. I’ll have to milk it for all it’s worth like the human parasite that I am.

broken garry is the new thing on Facepunch, spread the word :v:

Oh thank GOD you are here man Garry was just sitting around doing nothing waiting for you to give your amazing insight.

what a hero, solved all our problems, a 10 second google by someone who doesn’t even know whats going on is going to give advice.

wow you did it you saved the day thank you so much for using google