How do I attract more people to my server?

I have a server that has inventory, Gdrugs, Wire, and M9K. However it doesn’t seem like people are coming on the server. Is there a way I can get people to join and are there any addons that would attract players?

Every other server has the same thing, come up with something new

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which is going to be hard as fuck because literally every server has done everything you can come up with

What this guy said, another thing you have to really look out for is rules. You typically want these rules to be fairly condensed, with nothing redundant or unnecessary. You could condense propkilling, prop-pushing, etc into ‘Prop minging’ with clarification on the bottom of the list. This would prevent people from saying things like ‘WELL IT JUST SAID PROP-MINGING, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS SERVER DEFINES AS PROP MINGING’, while also keeping things compact. Be sensible, and be smart with the rules.

Also, don’t make donators supersoldiers because they paid five dollars, give them benefits, but not OP benefits.

don’t host darkrp

From my personal experience these are some key things you should have:

  1. Put “Looking for admins in the title”

  2. Offer cash/rank prizes if people invite their friends

  3. Like the person said above, have something original and innovative. For example: Unique guns
    if people are anything like me I love awesome custom guns and other things like-- jet packs?
    Just add cool shit!

  4. Make admin ranks buy able. It may sound weird but kids love having power. The more power
    they can have, the more they play, the more kids, the more players. This is because obviously
    I’d rather join a server with 20 people rather than 0 people.

  5. Don’t be a uptight, abusive, douchebag owner. This mean don’t act like a god because you own
    if I’m on the server and the owner is being abusive I instantly leave.

  6. Have a appealing forum with custom titles, a nice layout, etc. Beleive it or not people would
    rather browse your forum than play your server sometimes.

I hope this helped. I’m sorry if I made any grammatical or spelling mistakes. I don’t give a shit if I did. Remember to be original and a fun owner!

4 and 2 conflict with 5. Selling admin is abusive because you’ll either have bad admins, or will have basically tricked kids to throw their parents’ money away because they got their privileges taken away quickly. 2 is essentially a nice coat of paint thrown on top of spam, if people are having fun in darkrp, a gamemode where grouping up with others is HIGHLY beneficial, they’ll invite people on their own.

Also I don’t mean to say all admins that pay are bad, but you’ll likely wind up with one of those two results if you do sell admin, at least if you don’t have a vetting process, but in that case they’re paying you to work for you.

Dear god, please do not do any of these but 5 and 6.

Most people wont join a server unless there are people on it. Get some friends and play on the server for a bit. It’s a bit hard to start but eventually, assuming the server is actually fun, you’ll start to get regulars.

Selling admin is a pretty terrible idea in general. You’d have people who are horribly unfit for admin buying it, leading to all sorts of awful situations.

Obviously selling admin is abusive but this guy wants players not good admins. Also you can limit their abilities, etc. Inwas apart of a community where people paid around 500$ to administrate the forum for a guy. They basically paid for a responsibility because like I said kids love their power.

For 2 I mostly meant give them 20k if they get a friend on, or you can make a steam group so that when you join it you get cash. And what’s wrong with 3?

If we’re going to be liquidating profits from the DarkRP server pool we’re going to need these

Just demote the shitty donator admins when they fuck up

Lie a ton about “how you need staff” too, people who are attracted to the server because of that will probably have a shitty application and never cause a problem

Exactly most of the servers I see populated have “looking for admins” in the title.

Also you seem familiar did you write a logs system for gmod?

Yeah :slight_smile:

honestly if you really want players on your server make a flashy server title and sell staff ranks

And don’t host DarkRP, I emphasize this.

why reply with that bullshit?
he asked how to attract more people, not how to make his server some generic garbage

Sadly, nowadays that’s the every most reliable way to get a lot of players easily.

DONT MAKE ADMIN RANKS BUYABLE U IDIOT ur gonna have dumbasses for admins

Why would you use M9K when you can get:

TFA ( same skins only 10x better weapon base )
FAS ( Some attachments and decent guns )
CW 2.0 ( Very big pack but alot of stuff to do with it )

My community runs CW 2.0, its really good but gurgles a players FPS like its nothin! So you gotta have a playerbase first really.

In my experience people have better FPS with CW 2.0, FAS, TFA than M9K.

  1. Keep away from rp_downtown
  2. Play something else apart from DarkRP and see what you’d like in a roleplaying game (SantosRP is a goodsp[/sp] example of an RP mode done in a sensible way)
  3. Don’t use chat commands to get jobs and interact with the surroundings- instead use NPCs to give work to the player. People don’t want to fuck around in the chatbox and eventually you have all the code for a Metal Gear Solid game pop up because someone was just trying to drop 5 dollars.
  4. Don’t make everything overly high priced, this will discourage the player to invest time and effort. Cars for example should go from $900 up to $256,000
  5. Make sure you have an easy to understand UI- People hate menus, but use something like Gphone for settings and such
  6. Don’t use any military models or firearms until you have a wonderful community ready. Only give the police officers a taser and handcuffs. Don’t give players a way to shoot or do damage to anyone else. All this to avoid typical RDM.

Also if you’re doing this just for money, you should stop before it gets any worse.