How do I backup players reset server?

I know how to do a full backup and map/player backup, but I wanted to know how do I do a wipe of the server so the map is clean yet the players still keep all there items and skills from what they’ve learned?

Thank you.

You cannot do so

Actually you can because ive seen others do it but they wont share on how to do it.

I am a server owner and believe me, if you are able to do so then why would everybody cry foul on wipes?

Well when I had my FPSPlayers server I’m pretty sure they had options in the tcadmin control panel to do just these kind of things. At least they had buttons to back up specific things (Which im pretty sure just runs a script to execute your desired operation). Your gonna want to save off your player data and do a wipe (Zip it up and download it so you can replace it after the wipe). Or if you can get a fresh map file you could just overwrite your map file and keep all the player data the same. Does this sound right guys?

*Note: if you do a map wipe the players will lose all their boxes(the world is reset) so you might want to give them a heads up so they can gather up their valuables and hold them in their inventory.

In the save folder on your server there is the rust_island.sav files, those are the map and the objects on the map.

The playerdata folder contains all players’ inventories and learned blueprints.

You can delete the rust_island.sav files to wipe the map and buildings and stuff.
Or you can just delete the playerdata folder to clear all player inventories and learned blueprints.
Or you can delete all of it to completely wipe the server.

(The names of the files/folders might be wrong, been a long time since I’ve looked at them)

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Like MastaAron said above, players’ BOXES and any other items that they have placed on the map will be wiped but their INVENTORIES will not. (If you only delete the rust_island.sav files)