How do I ban someone not logged into the game?

Alright so I run a PvE server and it has been very popular for the past couple of days since I put it up. I work very hard to make sure that people do not grief other players houses and steal their loot. This is very hard for me to do because I have to go through a process so that I can make sure that it is all organized and I don’t ban the wrong people. Now, I was given a report that someone griefed another person and they have video proof of it. My problem is that I am unable to ban that player because it seems you are only able to ban players that are currently connected to your server. Is there a way to input a players information into a specific file to ban them that way at all? I see a ban list but the numbers do not match a steam ID so I have no idea what to do about this.

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Is there any time frame for when we will be able to see server/player logs? I would like to know what everyone says in the server and what they do so that I can use that evidence to find out who did what when. Thanks!

*Edit 1: I should have mentioned, the banid “steam id” does not seem to work for this instance. This is the reason I am asking if I can manually put it in the file. I type in the banid “steam id” and it just says that in the console with nothing else following that.

SOLVED: Thanks a lot!

this should help

are you sure the ban list doesn’t use IP addresses?

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this is an extremely useful website, thanks

garry would be foolish to use IP bans considering rust is on steam.

IP addresses are the worst ban method

i figured he wouldn’t use IPs, but i was making sure because he said the ban-list doesn’t contain steam IDs

I just edited my main post, I tried this with no luck it seems that is why I came to the forums.

If the ban list does use steam IDs, then if you just add his steam ID into the banlist he should be banned

It does not use them, that is why I am posting here. It uses some odd string of numbers which I can’t link to anything.

what does the string of numbers look like

That’s a steam profile URL.

They look like this:


Oh awesome, thanks for that! How would I go about obtaining the profile URL? I only get the id URL by the looks of it.

*Edit 1: Could I enter in a custom url? It has his name instead of those numbers.

*Edit 2: I found a site that told me, thanks again!

that steamid finder J!NX posted can also tell you url IDs

and permanent ID too that a profile change won’t get around

AKA best make a list and log of the Permanent ID, steam + the name at time of ban + time of ban (if you ban a lot)

Yeah, it links you to the hard ID. For me, it links to:

But I have the following profile registered:

That’s what I meant when I said URL ID :v:

I did exatcly as it looks above using my steamid64 but I can join my server the same way.

Any help?

Edit: my mistake, i couldn’t find any bans.cfg so I’ll update a new file to the server and try again.