How do I bind a model into one Mesh?

When rigging, my model is in separate parts and it’s difficult to rig. How do I attach everything together into one solid mesh?

Should have your answer.

I just can’t understand are you a bit stupid or what? In 1 of your last threads you asked:

I replied:

Wtf? Are you kinda increasing your post count or really noob in 3D asking every step of your project making?

I’m pretty sure he’s just a stuck-up, arrogant cunt. He thinks Googling things is beneath him, and wants us to do it for him.

Well Arleitiss, when I first tried your method it wasn’t relevant to my first problem. I had forgotten that you mentioned that. Just take a deep breath and relax, it’s almost like it physically pains you to see me asking for help.


Hah, you’re funny. I’m going to assume you’re pissed off because I wasn’t on to thank you in time for the Help Link.


Judging by the above rage posts I’m going to assume you’re not up for another question. ANyways, here it goes: When I rig my models and animate them the segments tear, is there anything I should use IK Solver, Hi solver or somethin of that type to rig my model? I have looked up tutorials and so far none of them has explained this very well.

No. I’m pissed off because you keep asking the most basic questions.

I never use 3DS Max. I tried it once, on a school license, and found it needlessly complex to operate.

I was able to answer your question with five seconds of Googling. If I was able to do that, so can you.

What do you mean, they tear? Is it “the vertices don’t move with the right bone”, “the polygons don’t stay attached”, or “the polygons stretch too much”?

I will continue answering whatever questions I can. I’ll just insult you every chance I get while doing so.

Well Gman, get used to it, this is the internet and you’re going to meet a lot of people that piss you off. There’s not a more true statement out there.

I’m tired of going over this with you, Gman. By this point I thought you’d realize how much I care for your search engine advice. I use Google as much as I ask questions on FP, you woulden’t know that though.

As for the my second question, my model is partially rigged and my characters chest is separate from the models torso. Apon attaching the spine to the mesh and trying to animate it I get a problem. Whenever I move a bone my model seems to come apart and twist in an unrealistic manner.

That still doesn’t describe the problem well enough for me to understand. Would you kindly post a picture?

PS: I had written a big, four-paragraph argument here, telling you what I thought of your skills, what I thought of your attitude, and into what orifice you could shove both (with a brief aside about your ancestors), but I, too, have gotten tired of going over this with you. So, I’ll just say that if you are only asking questions that you can’t answer with Google, then you seriously need to learn how to search.

I bet you did, however you already told me all of that in other threads.

Here’s your image, go crazy.

The problem looks like the bones aren’t parented properly. Try checking that.

Parented? There is a weight tool, are you suggested that I decrease numbers leading away from the main parent bone in the spine?

your pissed off about someone posting a question even though your not a mod?
and all this person wants is help? If you have been to a public/private or
whatever type of school you would see the range of people who’s brains click when there told something and other people who need to break things down before they fully understand. You could tell someone how to walk through a door, but that doesn’t mean they know how to open it.

Whats the point in having all these users if no one is willing to help eachother out, for all you know the help you give one person could lead
to some well made content.

Think before your next rage post.
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try to listen better next time cuz all you’ll get is 11 year olds having a rage fit cuz their parents don’t hug them enough.

That’s honestly what I said when I first started helping him. That didn’t last long.


Bone PARENTING. You’ll also see it referred to as a bone hierarchy. It makes it so moving one bone will make other move with it, ie. twisting the torso will make the arms and head move with it. I don’t know exactly how it’s done in 3DS, so you’ll have to do some Googling, but I’ve given you the terms you need to find out.

I know what “parenting” means.

No you don’t, considering your last question about weighting.

Let’s see if this helps enough.

OP wants a tutorial on rigging.

This might help:
It’s missing some pictures but you should still get the point.

hit f1.

These are helpful in some areas. I do all of this and my first problem occurs when I try to rotate the bone. My model usually twists baddly and stetches, I’m not sure why. I put everything on zero and they just don’t move realisticly. It’s makes it even more complicated that I added bones to an already postioned model that I captured with 3D Ripper.