How do i block the say command from console?

Ok i dunno if its a glitch in TTT but people can easily ghost from just typing say “hello blah” in the console when dead
i removed every single addon and it still happens
so how do i block this command?

function AntiKill()
	if LocalPlayer():concommand.Run( "say" ) then
	LocalPlayer():ChatPrint("Stop ghosting.")
	return false

What hook do i add??

You could try

concommand.Remove( "say" )


EDIT - That should work unless you wan’t to keep the command available.

Doesnt work

TTT is broken people, maybe pointshop is breaking it,
but traitors dont have team talk,
ghosting is easy to do

dead speak broken.

Hook PlayerSay and return “”?

What are your addons? It looks like something is blocking people from appearing dead.

Pointshop is my only addon, It appears pointshop is breaking it.

On line 112 of terrortown/gamemode/gamemsg.lua there is this

if DetectiveMode() then
         LANG.Msg(ply, "spec_teamchat_hint")
         return ""

You could change the DetectiveMode() probably to the team you don’t wan’t to talk when dead and it should show nothing when they use say “message”.
I do not guarantee that will work.
Best of luck.

hi thanks, it turned out a vote map script was breaking everything.