How do i block weapons and make them admin only? i use ULIB.

How do i block weapons and make them admin only? i use ULIB.

I really need to know how to block weapons and make them so only Admins can access them… Please help!! lol

You need something in lua for it…

if Player IsAdmin then

I dunno, i suck at lua… something like that anyway i think.

Lol thanks… but don’t comment if you don’t know xD (no offence)

function ccSWEPSpawn(ply, cmd, args)
if ply:EntIndex() ~= 0 and not ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
CCGiveSWEP(ply, cmd, args)
concommand.Add(“gm_giveswep”, ccSWEPSpawn)

function ccSWEPGive(ply, cmd, args)
if ply:EntIndex() ~= 0 and not ply:IsSuperAdmin() then
CCSpawnSWEP(ply, cmd, args)
concommand.Add(“gm_spawnswep”, ccSWEPGive)

Is that it? if so where do i save it?

That’s not it because i have that in my server and it doesn’t work lol… argh!

-- ======================================================================================
--  You are free to make modifications and redistributions of this script as long as I'm credited for it
-- ======================================================================================

if( CLIENT ) then return end -- not clientside :downs:

-- cvars for controlling this
local wr_enabled = CreateConVar( "wr_enabled", "1", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } ) -- enabled or not
local wr_sandboxonly = CreateConVar( "wr_sandboxonly", "1", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } ) -- only enabled on sandbox
local wr_mode = CreateConVar( "wr_mode", "0", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_NOTIFY, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } ) -- 0 = use whitelist, 1 = use blacklist
local wr_disablepickup = CreateConVar( "wr_disablepickup", "1", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } ) -- whether weapons can be picked up or not
local wr_weapons = CreateConVar( "wr_weapons", "weapon_physgun;weapon_physcannon;gmod_tool;gmod_camera;laserpointer", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } ) -- allowed/disallowed weapons
local wr_ignoreusergroups = CreateConVar( "wr_ignoregroups", "superadmin;admin", { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_ARCHIVE } ) -- user groups not affected by the script

-- some enums for the script

-- check if the user is in a whitelisted user group
function WRPlayerWhitelisted( pl )

	local tUserGroupTable = string.Explode( ";", wr_ignoreusergroups:GetString() ) -- split whitelist into table (seperated by ;)
	for k, v in pairs( tUserGroupTable ) do -- loop through easy user group
		if( pl:IsUserGroup( v ) == true ) then -- the user belongs to  a white listed usergroup
			return true -- allow
	return false -- we didn't find anything

-- helper function to get weapons list
function WRWeaponsList( )
	return string.Explode( ";", wr_weapons:GetString() ) -- return table from cvar where weapons are split by ;

-- friendlier looking function to see if wr is enabled
function WRIsEnabled( )

	if( gmod.GetGamemode().Name != "Sandbox" and wr_sandboxonly:GetBool() == true ) then -- sandbox only mode, but it's not sandbox!
		return false -- report as disabled
	return wr_enabled:GetBool() -- return the cvar value if the gamemode and stuff is fine

-- friendly way of getting the wr operation mode
function WRGetMode()
	local iWRMode = wr_mode:GetInt( ) -- get cvar
	if( iWRMode == 0 or iWRMode == 1 ) then -- check it has a valid value
		return iWRMode -- return valid value
		return WR_MODE_WHITELIST -- default to whitelist with invalid values

-- friendly way of getting is a user can pickup weapons from the floor
function WRWeaponPickupDisabled()
	return wr_disablepickup:GetBool() -- get cvar value

-- function for checking weapons
function WRCheckWeapon( pl, weap )
	local tWeaponsList = WRWeaponsList() -- list of weapons
	if( WRGetMode() == WR_MODE_WHITELIST ) then -- white list behaviour
		if( table.HasValue( tWeaponsList, weap:GetClass() ) ) then -- weapon is in weapons list
			return true -- allow pickup
			return false -- don't
	elseif( WRGetMode() == WR_MODE_BLACKLIST ) then -- blacklist behaviour
		if( table.HasValue( tWeaponsList, weap:GetClass() ) ) then -- weapon is in weapons list, but this time it's a blacklist
			return false -- so return false instead
			return true -- do!

-- function to check if a weapon is indeed a swep
function WRIsSWEP( weap )
	local CheckSWEP = weapons.GetStored( weap:GetClass() ) -- try and find swep in swep register
	if( CheckSWEP == nil ) then
		return false -- not a swep!
	return true -- we're ok it's a swep

-- when the player spawns
function WRPlayerInitialSpawn( pl )

	if( WRIsEnabled() == true ) then -- WR is enabled
		local addphrase -- phrase to add on the end to the welcome message
		if( WRGetMode() == WR_MODE_WHITELIST ) then -- whitelist
			addphrase = "Only specific weapons are allowed."
		else -- black list
			addphrase = "Some weapons are not allowed to be used."
		pl:SendLua( "GAMEMODE:AddNotify('This server has weapon restriction in effect. " .. addphrase .. "', NOTIFY_HINT, 10 )" ) -- show our welcome message

-- just stores the time they spawned so it removes the weapons instead of dropping it
function WRPlayerSpawn( pl )
	pl.LastSpawnedAt = CurTime() -- store the last spawn time
	pl.LastWarn = CurTime()

-- when a player wants to pickup a weapon
function WRPlayerCanPickupWeapon( pl, weap )
	if( WRIsEnabled() == true and WRPlayerWhitelisted( pl ) == false ) then -- wr enabled and player not whitelisted?
		local bCheckWeapon = WRCheckWeapon( pl, weap ) -- check the weapon in the list
		if( bCheckWeapon == false and ( pl.LastSpawnedAt + 0.4 ) >= CurTime() ) then -- we recently spawned so remove weapons
			weap:Remove() -- remove weapon
			return false -- no further shit
			if( WRWeaponPickupDisabled() == true ) then -- check for pickup settings
				if( bCheckWeapon == false and WRIsSWEP( weap ) == true ) then -- crappy swep detection
					weap:Remove() -- remove illegal swep
					pl:SendLua( "GAMEMODE:AddNotify('This SWEP has been disabled.', NOTIFY_ERROR, 10 )" )
				elseif( bCheckWeapon == false ) then
					if( pl.LastWarn + 5 <= CurTime() ) then
						pl:SendLua( "GAMEMODE:AddNotify('You cannot pickup this weapon.', NOTIFY_ERROR, 10 )" )
						pl.LastWarn = CurTime()
				return bCheckWeapon -- just return val

-- hooks important for the script
hook.Add( "PlayerInitialSpawn", "WRInitarlPlayarSpoon", WRPlayerInitialSpawn ) -- called when they initially spawn, welcome message
hook.Add( "PlayerSpawn", "WRPlayarSpoon", WRPlayerSpawn ) -- called when a player spawns
hook.Add( "PlayerCanPickupWeapon", "WRCunPickapShoopen", WRPlayerCanPickupWeapon ) -- decides if a player can pickup a weapon

Currently it is set to allow gravgun, physgun, toolgun, camera and laserpointer. All other sweps are admin only. Name it weapon_restrict.lua and dump it lua/autorun

By the way, is there a hook which gets called when player spawns a weapon? Because, for example ASpam doesn’t pick up weapon spam.


Looking at the above script for example, it blocks players picking up weapons but player can still spawn weapons. I want to restrict that without blocking the whole weapon spawning. I haven’t been able to find anything.

Or did you mean how?

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Go to weapons tab
  3. Right click the weapon and it gets spawned. no owner assigned, no spamlimits by ASpam, it’s just like it has just appeared there without any control.
    And now here’s a funny mingebag tactic: Right click the weapon continuously in a hidden spot and enjoy people yelling “LAG!”…

[LUA]function DenySWEPs(ply, class)
–Don’t allow players to spawn SWEPs
return false
hook.Add(“PlayerSpawnSWEP”, “DenySWEPs”, DenySWEPs)[/LUA]

open the shared lua file in each weapon and look for this part


and change it to

adminspawnable= true

if you are willing to use an addon URestrict is a nice one that changes loadouts and restricts stools

Or you can switch to ASS mod which is a lot more easier and user friendly. I has a menu for limits and restrictions and you can add plugins etc.

On another note, does anyone know how to “REMOVE” the admin only restriction from an existing lua. Nuke wars are no fun when i have to keep spawning the weapons for everyone.

to unrestrict a weapon click open its folder then click lua/wepons/weponsname inside the file there should be a line that says SWEP.spawnable = false (if it is disabled) change the false to be true to enable it. this should work for all sweps.

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the following is a link to a download for a wepon restrictor addon. made by ulx.

the thread is fucking one year old

Oh god, flashback from when I sucked at Lua.

aren’t flashbacks meant to be for past events?

I want to block CSS weapons.But you can’t access the content folder anymore D:<.How can i do this?

i also need to know how to make weapons admin only