How do I change my player model and remove the HUD?

Whenever I play on sandbox my model is a Kliener model, how do I change that? Also I am trying to make a machinima but I don’t know how to remove the HUD and drop all my weapons. How do I do this?

I had the player model problem before, and it had something to do with the Homer Simpson player model pack I had installed in my addons. I removed it and I could change away from Kliener again. Maybe you have a player model pack similar to that causing problems.

As for the hud, you can type “cl_drawhud 0” (without quotes) in the console. Change 0 to 1 if you want the HUD back. Personally I have a bind for it.
Type this in console: “bindtoggle k cl_drawhud 0,1” (without quotes, of course) and that will make your K key toggle hud on and off. Of course you can choose whatever key you like there. Hope this helped

How do I drop all my weapons, and is there a console command to change model?

impulse 200 or something, I’m not too sure…

What is that?

I’m not sure how to drop weapons. If its for machinima purposes, just use your camera tool to hide your hands… or view through a camera placed in the level from the sTools menu.

I’m pretty sure there is a console command to change your player model, but I don’t know what it is. Just go up to the top right side of your Q menu and find the options tab, from there you can visually select a player model from a box filled with player models you have installed.

sv_cheats 1 + impulse 200 will make the view model of the weapon disappear, but if you want to have it in thirdperson mode, use Machinima hands SWEP.