How do i change textures in maps?

Ok so i’m wanting help to know how to change textures in maps to anything i want. Like lets say in any map theirs a poster that has some stupid saying or a picture. And i’m wanting to change it to a realistic and good one. Does any one know how to do that? I used GCFScape and when i took the textures(Including the folder it was in) then change the texture and put it in th Garry’s Mod material section it didn’t show up. Then some one else told me to do something and i tryed that but all it did was take the texture away and make it all wireframe screwing up a map i downloaded. Please any one help me!

I do not recommend replacing content in the GCF, and if you change it for one map it will change for every map unless you create a custom texture and find the VMF of the map. You cannot edit the BSP.

I don’t think you can add any content in the .gcf anyhow.

I thought you could, but it would mess up a lot?

Someone correct me If I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can add anything to the .gcf files, or at least I’ve never seen an option in GCFScape that lets you do this.

You can add it to the normal files, which will replace and be chosen over the GCF ones. If that’s what you mean, then yes.

I didn’t use GFCScape to replace it cause you can’t, i extracted the texture out and then changed the texture with VTFEdit then made a folder of the map then put the textures in.

Technically you can. There’s always decompiling (not recommended) and EntSpy. EntSpy may work for this, but I’ve never used it so I don’t know how much it can alter entities by; you may be able to simply replace the poster with a different one.