How do I change the keys here?

So, I had two commands and i wanted to change the keys so you have to press “IN_USE” + “IN_LEFT/RIGHT” depending on the command

What should I do?



This code has nothing to do with it.

What I wanted to do is this.
Changing this:


So you can trigger it when you press A+E (IN_LEFT and IN_USE) and not when you press the key you binded

Don’t you understand?

This is not the file you want to change to achieve that.

I think he’s saying that he wants to change it from binded concommands to hardcoded keys.

Yeah, I wanted to say that. Thanks

Hope you can figure the if then else stuff yourself.
Don’t execute the console commands on players, execute the code of the console commands from that hook.

I already tried that, but the thing is that if I do, for example, “+Leanright” then, to go back i have to use “-Leanright”, so I used that, but it didn’t work the way it should.