How do i change the lightmap scale?

I am working on a detailed map, it is 95% finished, but the lighting is ugly.
What I want to do is change the lightmap scale of all the brushes from 32 (default) to 4. Is there a way of doing so without re-doing all the brushes?

go to the apply texture tool and click on any thing casting a shadow you don’t like and look to the top left of the window that pops up

16 is default just so you know.

ok well idk why but mine was at 32 >< (i probably set it when i was more of a n00b)

Also one more thing, when you have everything with a lightmap scale of 4 you can have a memory problem on those who don’t have a lot of ram. It depends on how many brushes and the size of the map.

You shouldn’t have a bunch of stairs with a lightmap scale of 4 otherwise you are going to get issues.


Breaking my automerge :argh:

ok that dosn’t seem to do what i want. i need to change the lightmap scale of several brushes from 32 to 4.

Select the faces in the face edit sheet (shift + a) and drop the lightmap scale. You may need to combine this with a -final VRad compile for best effects, but this will take longer to compile.

thank you that seems to have worked :slight_smile: