How do I change the model?

I am using the example sent (buncy ball) to make my SENTs, but I want to change the model, take the random color shit away and set it to a normal prop (or shuld I say sent)… Like no bouncing… (and the sound when it bounces too)

wait, you’re using a SENT as an example to make a SWEP?

Or do you mean you are using the SENT as an example of what the Primary / Secondary fire of a SWEP should create?

Sorry, I wrote SWEP instead of SENT, I think you get it now. You know

Look at the other SENTs on and look at how they set the model on their SENT

wahuts wiht all teh pplz who caent grammur or spaell correctlike?
and who caent elbaborate awn deir tietle?

Contribute or get out, and stop shitposting.

Uh is it my grammar you are talking about? I`m sorry if its hard to understand what im writing. I am a 12 years old boy from Norway, with not that much english skills.