how do i change the player model color to default

how do i change the player model color to default?
i need help please

[LUA]Player:SetPlayerColor( Vector Color )[/LUA]
[LUA]ply:SetPlayerColor( Vector(1,1,1) )[/LUA]

hey rejax i typed in ply:SetPlayerColor( Vector color) the command it said unknown command what do

for one thing this is developer discussion, which means we discuss gmod lua, or glua here. not console commands. another thing is that even if you did use lua, you wouldn’t be able to use “Vector color” in the ( and ). you would use Vector(1,1,1)

another thing is rejax didn’t give you any way to target a certain player [sp]although he did expect you to be able to do that already[/sp], so just do something like this:
local ply=nil
for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll())do
if string.find(string.lower(v:Nick()),string.lower(“player name here”),1)>0 then

if you do not know how to program lua, then you must learn. we will not teach you lua here [sp]in this section iirc[/sp].