How do I change what gender my character is?

I am a man IRL, and I haven’t played for months. I got on the game today to log in and find out my character is a female, I am receiving a lot of unwanted attention because of this and would like to change the gender to be a male. How do I do this?

Become admin of a server. Change gender in console.

Everyone’s character’s gender is determined semi-randomly by their Steam ID. Unless you are a server admin as GrymThor mentioned, you cannot change your gender. Welcome to Rust.

create a new steam account…or 12.

Is it possible to get a refund for this? It’s quite immersion breaking for me to play as a guy. Especially on RP servers. =P

Now that it’s technically possible, I’d like to play my real gender, please.

Steam refund policy would apply.

Yes, but I bought rust a long time ago not knowing they had removed female player models. I was told they would be reinstated after remodelling, so I waited. Then I was told it would be random, so I figured there would be no point in petitioning yet, as there would be a 50% chance the problem would correct itself on its own. It did not, so I petitioned and was basically told to suck it. Let’s just say the steam 2-day refund policy passed a looong time ago, before anyone knew this would become an issue. =P

You’re also worried about expressing your personality through the appropriate character model in a caveman murder simulator.

Really not appreciating this SJW approach to game development, it’s complete fucking bullshit to be honest. It’s made all my friends completely turned off on the game and it’s sad that this game will likely wither and die for such a sad reason as making some PC-statement. Had a lot of potential and had a lot of fun while it lasted.

What a sad lot you all are.

consider it a forced lesson on how to treat female gamers properly;) but unfortunately no, you can’t; as others have said already, it’s steam id based. that said, next iteration of the characters tends to be a reroll, so this isn’t the final result.

steam may refund you (1st refund or within the ~2hours of purchase), but technically they never said what gender your character model would be when you purchased, so it still kind of falls into the early access boat.

or it could just be that the devs don’t want players to spend too much time making a pretty avatar and not playing, so they figure dump the whole system and make it randomised. and that letting players choose gender opens up the whole race debate again. insert slippery slope debate here

I guess Facepunch is in NC. If I were you I would sue the hell out of them Gorewrath for causing you intentional mental abuse. Whatever idiot implemented this gender system should be fired for complete ignorance.

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which tells you Facepunch is ran by frauds, trolls , and assholes.

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Apparently you do not know who Garry is. Apparently you do not know the law. Apparently you do not seem to read the dev blogs. Apparently…well, maybe you should just read a good book

Folks are really jumping the gun with the sex in game.

Give it time

I absolutely cannot grasp why people care about this

because they have differences, maybe? some of people like to identify themselves at least a little bit with the character they play (which is me also), some don’t give a f…k, some just are hard trolls and like trolling even themselves :slight_smile:

Seems to me you’re not Roleplaying hard enough.

There’s roleplaying servers in Rust? Say what

I suspect a wave of ban for this…

For those too lazy to follow the link.

Change your Race/Gender/PenisSize! [CLIENT SIDE ONLY!]
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You can change your gender, Male/Female.

Will this get me banned?
No, it does not inject/modify/write into memory. EAC or any other anticheat will not catch this, and it’s typically not a dangerous game breaking exploit. VAC will not be triggered for the same reason in the first sentence.

How do I do this?
Close rust completely before running this, otherwise it will probably crash your game and you will need to verify cache.!IJUFDDCT!fIUb37oy5xanbYgxz_2l5PBNXTD8KnKwWG6I_GE89AI

Once you have downloaded, please run the file, select the options you prefer, and click “Change Rust” button. Once that’s done, start rust up, join a server, and have fun!

This is totally a virus!
No, you can think that all you want.
Scan it on virustotal or other sites, if anything it comes up as a “Gen” which stands for “Generic” basically, it is not a recognized program by Windows and unpublished, so most executables are detected with Win32Gens. Say however it said something like, “Backdoor, Trojan Horse” (NOT WIN32GEN.TROJAN) then it would be a virus.

Have fun, guys!