how do i code this in my server?

i want to put it so where if you play for 6 or more hours you get respected and so when u talk in chat or open scoreboard it says it and also for admins and owners to?


what admin addon do you use?

um i dont know its a default TTT gamemode

ow, that hurt my brain, goodbye.

:’( im new to this

yea, i can tell, you didn’t need to tell me that.

however, you do need to tell me your admin mod or get one.


what does this do?

Read the description when you open the links… A quick guess: It does what you requested…

will this also say on the scoreboard and chat that you are that?

No, it will promote them to another rank after given time, there are other topics about the scoreboard and chat…

this thread smells like another gimmick account fest

yep you know it xD