How do I compile a map?

Ok people , i have saved my map from source sdk mapping or as you say hammer editor, and now av saved it it ses <name of the file>.VMF i fort it turns to a bsp… Do you have to turn it into a bsp and if you do How?


do you mean vmf or vmt?


to compile the map, press f9

Thx an ye i ment vmf


Oh it ses run map can you send a screen shot of with 2 tick or is it already set.
And i did try it but i failed saying couldent find file or somet


I no am a bad speller haha

When you run the map, the ticks should be on normal full full going down the pages, when it is doen it brings up a window with a wall of text, copy and paste that here inside

[ /code] tags so we can find the error for you.

Say again can you say it like more informative :0


The command failed. Windows reported the error:
"The system connot find he file specified

Do you want to continue?

                         [   Yes  ]  [   No  ]

Is what it said

Ok, so you press f9 and you are presented with a window, with a series of options on for 3 stages and then a box at the bottom to allow you to enter text. Should look like this:

Changing the map from .vmf to .bsp is a 3 stage process and you need to run all 3 stages, so ensure that in the first section the buttom next to “normal” is pressed, in the second and third sections the “full” buttons are pressed. Now tell it to go and run the compile by pressing “ok” at the bottom of this window.

The window should close and a new one should appear detailing exactly what the compile is doing. This window should have the words “Copy all to clipboard” so once the error appears, close the error and press the “Copy to clipboard” button.

Now come here and paste (ctrl+v) the content of your clipboard into a post (make sure you put

[ /code] tags around it. Then we cna tell you what might be wrong with your map.

It dosent say Full it ses Fast

And read what it ses above :open_mouth:

He meant normal (or the middle one of each section), only use fast for testing a map in the making.

Urgh, look I did read the above and that was the second time I have requested the information from you (the error you provided is useless, it could be anything, I need other information) that I need to be able to help you. If you cannot provide it, I can be of no further help. The error window you describe does not prevent the compile log from being produced.

ITT we give a magical hotkey without mentioning how to get to the function via the GUI.

It’s easier to tell someone to press f9 than describing where the button is. Seeing as they both do that same task, whats your problem?