How do I compile my map WITH custom sounds and materials?

Hello. I’m sorry I’m asking alot of questions, I’m new to Hammer and have learned lots but haven’t gotten around to this… So for example, when people do this for their maps, they have their custom sound folder and materials folder.

I try doing the same for my map like so

I watched for making custom textures and I got it working okay
I have my material in “GarryMod/garrysmod/materials/custom”

(the sound/music works just fine as well)

I have my sound in “GarrysMod/garrysmod/sound

I correctly made a button for the sound to run (by watching another tutorial for figuring that out).

To begin with, when I was compiling the map just to test the sound and material, everything worked okay. But then I wanted to permanently attach that sound and material to the map. So I made practically my own addon called gm_oilrig and put my sound folder, map folder, and material folder (like copying the example addon). Then I deleted the old directories the material and sound were in (GarrysMod/garrysmod/sound, GarryMod/garrysmod/materials/custom) and it didn’t work.

However! My map showed up in the ‘gm’ map category and with my custom picture!

I had assumed that it would pickup the material and sound in my little gm_oil rig addon folder I made. But no.
Then I put the sound back in it’s old directory and material as well, and it worked? So it’s referenced/attached to load there and not my addon folder thing. How could I make it load in my addon?

The answer to my question could be worded out in paragraphs. But do any of you know of a video that might teach me how to do this? Or a short answer lol?

I’m not sure if your method works, I’ve certainly never encountered it. Maybe it’s a Gmod thing only? Anyways, the most common way to pack your maps with custom content is to use a program that puts all the materials/sounds and so on into the actual bsp. Here’s a nice guide for it;

Unbelievable. Thank you. I will be releasing my map to the Steam Community.

Did you build the cubemaps yet?
Because the computer screen reflecting a sunny sky inside of a closed room is fairly ridiculous.
In case you dont know how to do that, place an env_cubemap in front of the screen and when ingame type “buildcubemaps” into the console but make sure your sceen resolution is set to the highest to build the cubemaps without errors.

best program to use is VIDE—>

or at least to me it is. many programs are a bit dodgy and crash easily and/or have a confusing interface. VIDE is straight forward and understandable. :smile:

ashton93 already linked him VIDE