How do i compile .smd to .mdl? Please help

I modifyed a model in 3DS max, exported it to .smd, i have all the .smds and the .qc file needed but i do not know how to re-compile it back to .mdl the studiomdl thing from the SDK compiles it but i have absolutly no ideea where it puts it after it compiles it, and Studio Compiler don’t work at all sais “Extra App ID set to 211, but no SteamAppId” Can anyone please help me? I’d greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: actually, nvm, i can’t even edit the damn smds… i re-opened the edited smd in 3ds max and the entire thing was completly fucked up…

  1. if you want to compile models you need GUIstudiomdl
    Studio compiler is old outdated and mostly broken

  2. your smd exporter is broken get a new one

  3. the model is path is normally specified in the qc
    example "$modelname “player\sonic.mdl”

hope this helps in your future modeling attempts :slight_smile: