How do i compiled file?

I’m trying to compile a file from a .SMD, but i get this error message in GUIStudioMDL:

“Invalid gameID found while creating command line”

first question is:
was this error due to (A) my .QC file, or (B) my configuration settings?

if (A), what do i need to fix?

$modelname garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/lambo_rev/Lamborghini_Reventon.mdl
$scale 1.0
$body “Lamborghini_Reventon” Lamborghini_Reventon.smd
$sequence idle “Lamborghini_Reventon_smd” fps 30 ACT_IDLE 1
$surfaceprop “metal”
$cdmaterials “garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/lambo_rev/”
$collisionmodel “Lamborghini_Reventon.smd”
$mass 1200

if (B), i configured my settings for the orange box, do i need to configure them for ep1, or is there a completely different folder i need to look for in /source SDK ?

Put it in the modelling section, You’re more likely to find help :v: