How do I compress files with bz2?

I am very new to server management, and I want my maps to download with the clients. I want to cut the download times with bz2, the format I see big servers use on their maps and other files. I have downloaded the bzip.exe thing, but it just flashes the cmd quickly and disappears. All I want to do is upload files to my sv_downloadurl and have a faster download by compressing the files. So back to my question; How do I use bzip?


Ok, I just need to know how to navigate to bzip using the cmd.

cd C:\ will change the directory to C:\

so to change to the srcds directory (if you’re following the dedi setup guide) would be

cd C:\srcds

Hope that helps.

Ok I have found out how to open it, but I need some instructions on how to use it… :3

By default bzip2 converts a file to a bz2 archive:

bzip2 filename.bsp

You probably want it to add the file to bzip and keep the original:

bzip2 -k filename.bsp