How do I configure Hammer for The Hidden:Source properly?

I know, it’s a dead community, but I’d like to make a map for it.

I’ll link you here:

A little ways down is a post containing pictures on what to do, but when I do everything there, I loadup SDK and hammer, and start it again so it all works, then start a new map, the grids don’t show up properly.

Like I’ll take a picture:

If I draw a box with the brush tool, then Nothing shows up… Now even and outline for the box.
Then in the 3d view, if I press Z and move around, I can’t see anything, not even the box I thought I made…

Here- I’ll post pictures of my setup as well.

And that’s as far as I can get…
Any help?

The game is old engine, and must be configured as such.

so basically, set it to use the ep1 engine, not the OB engine


Also you have taken the hidden .fgd out of the sourcesdk bin folder?

I normally go into the actual hidden source folder (sourcemods) and take the .fgd from there.