How do I contact the developers?

My game crashes and they tell me to contact them and tell them that this is going on. I do not know how. I have folders that they want me to send them that have information on the crashes. I how do I contact them?

Could you paste your Output_Log from your rust files, maybe the community will be able to help.

How do i do that? Can i put files in here?

Go into your steam files (generally in program files x86 > Steam), then go to SteamApps > Common > Rust > Rust_Data > Output_Log.

Copy and paste the information onto here.

I know how to find them, but I could not paste those files in here. I could paste the text but that would fill SOOOOOO much space.

Put it on there and send us the link

I used 4 of the game crash output logs

The rest of the community may be able to help more, however i did find one thing that may be causing the crash

Try deleting the file, then go to Rust on steam, right click, properties, Local Files, Verify Integrity of game cache.

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH x10000000!!! it works

Np, have fun running from naked axe wielding men

This is the crash output log I’m getting.
i tried what you suggested before. Any help would be much appreciated.

64MB of VRAM?

I’m sorry i don’t understand what you’re asking.

if verify integrity fails, try a clean install

What is your system specifications?

what GPU do you use

I have re installed three times, and i have 12 GB RAM.

yes but if you only have 64MB of dedicated video memory then you have a problem if you want to play Rust

  1. Press Start
  2. Type “dxdiag” then press Enter
  3. Go to display tab
  4. Give the name in the top left hand corner

AMD XFX Radeon HD 7770