How do I control thrusters and stuff on a laptop

So basically my laptop has no numpad

Some laptops has a numpad in the actual keys, activated by the Numpad buttons.

Most cases on the right side, when the numpad button is pressed, they’re changed from normal letters to numpad buttons.

If not, buy an external numpad.

Another solution is to hold the ‘Fn’ key. You should be able to see what looks like a numpad on your keyboard, but in a different color, perhaps. Another solution, buy an full-sized foldable keyboard.

Holding Fn keys is not fun at all.

If i remember right, you can bind the numpad keys to something else.

either use fn then the number, or you can change your number keys in the options menu in the esc menu. It works both ways.

I pretty much got GMOD today and had the same issue. However after some poking around, I realized you don’t necessarily NEED a numpad to use those keys.

If you go to your keyboard setup in your options, you can change what keys are associated with NUMPAD1, NUMPAD2, NUMPAD3, NUMPAD*, NUMPAD/ etc.

ok really dude all you have to do it go to esc<options then you can just change your keys to your numbers without fn and you can do everything the same.

Thats exactly what I just said o_o.

oops i am sorry