How do I convert a VMF to a BSP?

I’m a noob mapper, sorry for such a stupidly basic question. But I decompiled my friends map to add in nodes for him which went well. Though the only problem is when I try to re-compile and save my hammer crashes and it gives me errors like missing textures or custom models [from the map].

Is there a way to fix this issue and allow me to successfully re-compile back to bsp format?

Get the .vmf from him. Don’t decompile the .bsp. Decaompiling stuff fucks up the map.

You shouldn’t even be decompiling maps in the first place. Short story short: it messes with the brushwork. Just ask your friend for the original .vmf


Ninjas. :ninja:

that’s my problem though. i also want to edit bsp maps from other various maps too so I can add nodes to them (for NPC navigation). apparently until someone will make a nodegraph system to edit/create nodes on a map in real-time for gmod, i can only decompile BSP’s and manually add the nodes in myself. but the problem is that I can’t re-compile it back to BSP format.


Do this;

map_edit <map_name>

but i’m using a BSP map. can i open a BSP map in hammer? (noob questions i know, but im a beginner i apologize.)


You can’t open bsp’s in hammer.

If you decompile them you can, but we know what happens when you do.

You can use map_edit to place nodes. So use it.

yes but how to i save the nodes once im done with the map_edit.

and in that tutorial link it tells me to recompile the map in hammer in order to save the nodes - which is something i obviously cannot do.

Alternatively, VIDE’s Entity Lump Editor can be used to import the entities in a VMF into a BSP. Can be useful for mass manipulation such as this.

  1. Add the nodes in Hammer.
  2. Visgroup off the nodes. They should have an entry in the “Auto” tab. Un-visgroup everything else.
  3. Select and delete everything.
  4. Un-visgroup the nodes and save a copy of the map.
  5. Open the BSP in VIDE, import, and save.

If the map already contains nodes, might filter for and delete before importing to prevent potential conflict.

Terrenteller, VIDE is very useful, surprised more people don’t use it.

now im confused with 4. and 5.

you want me to save a copy of the map in VMF, right?

Yup, unless you don’t mind the VMF being overwritten.

hmmm, i’m no expert mapper. this seems a bit too complicated for me. any other simpler ways into getting nodes on a map.

Why can’t you get the original VMF from him?

it’s not just him - that’s the main problem too. i have all these maps with potential that have literally 0 nodes on them and i want to fill them up. but the problem is i can’t re-compile since it crashes my hammer. if someone made a nodegraph system to add nodes in-game for a map that’d be excellent and easier since i’m no expert mapper. but that’s why i’m so desperate because i know how to add nodes on a map - it’s just getting the map back to bsp format that’s a pain in the ass. but even saying that i hear decompiling screws some things up too so i don’t know any other way.

What part of it seems too complicated?

There is a more interactive method, but I’m not done with it yet.

So you deleted all the VMFs of your maps wanna have nodes on?

3. Select and delete everything.

Select and delete what? And how.

1. Add the nodes in Hammer.
2. Visgroup off the nodes. They should have an entry in the “Auto” tab. Un-visgroup everything else.

Got that done.

3. Select and delete everything.

How? Specifically [noob mapper in da house]

4. Un-visgroup the nodes and save a copy of the map.

Got that.

5. Open the BSP in VIDE, import, and save.

How can I open it as a BSP if I saved it as a VMF? And how do I import and save? What part of the VIDE program do I go to specifically. I’m a total noob.

  1. With the selection tool, drag a box around everything left in the map and delete it. The nodes are safe since they are hidden.

5.1. Open the BSP the VMF was decompiled from.
5.2. File / Import / From VMF… and File / Save
5.3. Entity Lump Editor

im getting it kinda, by the way how do you delete. do you press the del key?