How do I convert .bsp to .vmf?

I want to edit a map I have but I can’t open it with hammer because its a bsp file is there a program I can use to decompile it or convert it to a .vmf file so I can work on it?

Not really.

When a map is compiled from vmf to bsp a lot of redundant information is removed regarding back faces of brushes and such. You can use vmex to guestimate what the vmf looked like and how the entity setup worked, but the brushwork is usually mangled and unusable, despite appearing fine, if using a few too many brushes.

It’s also considered poor etiquette to decompile another mappers work, add to it and then recompile it and distribute it as your own. If you want the vmf, ask the original creator nicely, they might even give it you depending on who they are and what their cunt rating is.

I’m sorry I didn’t know that -_-’ the mappers name on is Martian Gothic but I don’t know if he/she has a facepunch account or if he/she is still alive.

It’s ok, we don’t mind, most people don’t think of it like that. What’s the map called? Perhaps you could make your own version in a similar style?

The maps is called ‘gm_marsconstruct’ and I want to make something similar however I am somewhat new to mapping.

As far as I know, decompiling maps is fine but only if you want to learn how the mapper did something specific, taking from the decompiled map and passing it off as your own is what makes you look like a douche.

It still butchers the brushwork.

Even if I did use VMEX I would still give credit to the original author of the map.


So it can fuck up the map?

It completely fucks up brushwork.

The only thing decompiling is good for is looking at entity setups.

I just tried making a quick map with all of the prefabs in it.
I compiled it and decompiled it, then compared the two maps in hammer.
The only thing not perfectly aligned was some off grid points. And it was only off by a pixel or so.

Precisely. it’s off grid. Now throw complex brushwork in there and you end up with a clusterfuck of leaks, invalid solids and brushes that appear to but actually don’t quite touch each other. Nightmare.

It’s not that, it guesses where some faces are because they are deleted during compilation which it often fucks up very badly causing unoptimised brushwork.

… Where do you think those offgrid points came from?
Poor guesswork.

so if you decompile a map with everything on grid? (Like my maps usually) It would decompile it like a charm?

I also tried with comparing a valve made map (trainstation 5) But hammer didn’t like to copy a part of the map to the decompiled one…

Jesus I didn’t know it would be that bad all I wanted to do was to make a cool RP map based on mars but I didn’t know that decompiling a map would be so tenious.

It’s a poorly made map anyways that would be easily re-creatable in literally ten minutes.

Which one?gm_marsconstruct?

Yeah Thats a really bad map.
Could be done in literally 2 minutes

But I am relatively new to mapping, so thats why I need it as a .vmt file so I can use it to make a cool RP map with futuristic buildings.