How Do I Convert Neotokyo Ragdolls to Player Models?

I have all of the ragdolls from the mod in my models/player folder, and used this lua code to put them in, but when they’re used, they’re stuck in the T shape.

if (SERVER) then
	player_manager.AddValidModel( "Jinrai MHM", "models/Player/jinrai_mhm.mdl" )
	player_manager.AddValidModel( "Jinrai MHM2", "models/Player/jinrai_mhm2.mdl" )
	player_manager.AddValidModel( "Jinrai MHM3", "models/Player/jinrai_mhm3.mdl" )
	AddCSLuaFile( "NT1.lua" )

list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel",  "Jinrai MHM", "models/Player/jinrai_mhm.mdl" )
list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel",  "Jinrai MHM2", "models/Player/jinrai_mhm2.mdl" )
list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel",  "Jinrai MHM3", "models/Player/jinrai_mhm3.mdl" )

They don’t have HL2 animations

It should be a matter of decompiling and recompiling, they appear to use the HL2 rig.
I’m just having problems getting studioGUI working right for me.

Then how do they move around in a HL2 based game?

custom animations? >_> Maybe?

import the ragdolls to whatever program you are using, remove the bones, import the character rig from hl2 and apply it:
on that page go to “import the character rig”

Is it just player animations you want to add? or others? Also, do they use the HL2 Skeleton?

I want to be able to set my player model to that of a NT player model with it working. I"ve seen it done with the Spy and Sniper.

I do not know if they have a HL2 skeleton.

its a mod when you make a mod you just use the source engine that doesent mean they auto maticly have animations sounds or scripts.