how do I convert RAR files so I can use them?

there are a bunch of cool things to download in gmod, but most of them are RAR files, can anybody tell me how to convert them?


I prefer Ultimatezip

I use 7zFM myself, but I don’t know where I got it from ^^ (also WinRar is easier to find and i’ve never even heard of Ultimatezip :stuck_out_tongue: looks useful though)

7zip Silver.

No its another unzipping program, which can extract 7z archives, I don’t need something to extract from 7z archives :stuck_out_tongue: (though it does look like a similar program but it isn’t that one).

edit: Ah I think it may be an older version of that.

I’m voting for WinRar too

WinRar is… WinRar.

7zip or WinRar, don’t be fooled by the names, they open nearly everything.

Winrar is for winners

thanks, I’m using winrar and it RULEZ


I feel sorry for the person who rated me dumb

np :slight_smile: