how do i cops only door

i am not a clever man

IN OTHER WORDS: i need help mapping for rp gamemodes because i don’t know how to make doors cop-specific

The script should do that if you set it to.

explain this script

If you are mapping for an RP gamemode then the gamemode that you use will automatically set the doors that the coders want cop-restricted to a state where cops can’t get in.

The RP gamemode handles it.

really it knows where the police HQ is?

no, you code the gamemode to know what doors are to the police HQ.

but i can’t code

Then What do you want?

someone to code it for me but i haven’t made the map yet so not yet

Well to answer your question: You cant assign a job to open specific doors in hammer, its all done with coding.

If you would need someone to code you a rp gamemode or w/e take it to the gamemodes section.

nononono i need someone to code the door so it’s cops-specific in darkrp

There is no need for coding, If your admin for darkrp, you press like f4 and there is a menu that you could pick what the door is used for w/e. Dont quote me on this cause i dont play darkrp

Yeah there is, I know some servers have a script were when you set it once its set for ever

If it’s coding…then it doesn’t belong here. This is the mapping section.

YOU don’t decide that. Just make your police station and make it obvious that it’s a police station and the admin on the server that runs it will decide if they want it to be cop-only.

thanks guys

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I remember when I started a DarkRP map, I opened it up in DarkRP and then set it to Cop/Mayor only after pressing F2. And whenever I loaded the map after that, those doors were still set to cop/mayor only. But it could have just been a coincidence.


There’s an option in DarkRp, just press F2 on a door while being admin and you can set it for cops and mayor only.