How do I correctly port Maps from Source Filmmaker to Garrys Mod?

Hello everyone,

I made a few Maps for SFM, and I often get questioned if/when they will be ported to GMod. So, the problem is I don’t know how to correctly port them. I literally searched the whole internet for that, but I find is “How to port from GMod to SFM”.
When I just move the .bsp to Gmod, the most of the textures and models are missing, and I’d basically would have to port all the textures and models separately to Gmod and add then add them to the Map again.
I also tried to pack all the textures and stuff into the bsp, but that didn’t really work either.
So, how do I do it? :confused:

The best way would be to recompile the vmf if you made it and still have it, bascily do what you already do, move the materials and models to the Gmod folders open the vmf and check everything is looking ok and change any obsolite entities between SFM and Gmod then compilie with Garrysmod compile tools

Hm ok, is there a special folder(or folders) I have to put the models and materials?

you just need to follow the same directory set up how they were in the sfm materials and models folders they should be the same in the Gmod materials and models folders