How do I create a credits billboard

As the title suggests, how do I create a billboard that lists all credits to the creators of the maps that I make? Thanks

A model + texture.

Or just a texture and you can have a poster.


I usually do them with decals.

A billboard isn’t made of a decal, however.

Depends if the billboard is brush-based or model-based. If the situation was brush-based, then I’d place a decal on the billboard.

Why not just texture the brushfaces?

You might want an alpha part for the back texture to show through.

Well don’t use alpha for a billboard then, why would you have a brush billboard with a poster on it? Seems redundant when you could’ve just printed it directly onto the board.

Just create a billboard in hammer, if you have photoshop, download the VTFplugin, create some credits image of 512x512, save them as .vtf to your materials folder in both gmod materials folder and css or hl2 materials folder. Then you must create a .vmt file for your texture, that should be the same name as the texture file. so for ex. texture1.vtf, you should make a new text file and put this into it:

   "$BaseTexture" "texture1"

Save it as texture1.vmt into the same folder as where you saved the .vtf to.

Restart hammer and voila!

You can also use GIMP and download the vtfplugin for that. Or you could do it the shitty way using vtex. You should lookup a tutorial for that.

Thanks that worked perfectly. I used Photoshop and VTFplugin.