How do I create a custom spawnlist for my server?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to create my own spawnlist for my server which all players can access, I also want this to be the only spawnlist that they can use.

Anyone know how to do this? All help is greatly appreciated!

/ LiX

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Does no one know how to do this? Come on guys, I really need help with this!


I’ve no idea on how to remove others, but you could certainly create your own spawnlist.
I’ve forgotten how to include a file for download, though.
resource.AddFile I think it is.

Yeah, I know how to make a spawnlist but not how to make it the only one available on the server.
Thanks a lot for your answer though! Glad someone knows how to reply :wink:

/ LiX

Something that’s close to what you are looking for is the whitelist for props DarkRP seems to have (atleast some modded DarkRP has it). If you get the DarkRP files and use the one(s) that seems to make the whitelist you might wanna try adding it to your server lua files. spawnmenu.[GetPropCategoryTable
[URL=“”]]( spawnmenu.DeletePropCategory

Tried that already, I am running DarkRP on my server.
It works but it’s still not what I’m looking for, thanks for your reply though!

That could be it! I’m looking it up right now, thanks!!

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I can’t find much information about the “spawnmenu” commands, been trying to remove a single prop but it just won’t work. Anyone know how these commands are supposed to be used? Thanks.

/ LiX