How do i create a dark, eerie, spooky atmosphere?

I’m working on a kind of zombie campaign map, and the beggining is set in some woods at night.

The problem is, it doesn’t look dark enough, and my fog is fucked up.

So, i need tips on making things looks really dark, tips on making fog look realistic, and any other random tips that makes maps look/feel “spooky”.

Thanks in advance.

Use fog with a postprocess controller and a color correction, set the fog to a greenish/blackish color.

Add rain, lightning (I won’t tell you the process, it’s to damn long), set your light_environment to a dark color with a low brightness and a night sky.

If you have a tunnel or cave of some sort, I suggest light blue-ish fog, and make it thick. Use displacements to your advantage, and put in a solemn song in the map’s boom-box (i.e. soundscape). I would use some Diablo 2 songs if you can get them, they are great!

Please can you post a link to a tut on lightning.

I can’t find one.

I don’t know a link to a tut, I worked it out by myself. A lightning setup konsists of basicly 3 sprites set to additive render mode, 4 logic_case, 1 logic_auto, a whole load of color corrections (depends on how many windows/doors you have), 7 or more ambient_generic and 1 logic_timer.

It is still a W.I.P but most people I have shown it to say they would not like to walk down that hallway with out a knife or something. All it really is, is a color correction entity set for black and white/greyscale and I detailed the area. When I first did it, it was an accident, but I LOVED the feel of it and continued with it for my mod.

That looks amazing, but i don’t really think it would work outdoors.

You’re welcome.

Wow. Thankyou ribeeto :smiley:

That’s really obsolete and not as advanced. Maybe I’ll post a tut on it when I get some time.

I, too, could use a nice lighting tutorial.

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