How do I create a dedicated server for Garry's Mod?

Hi, I recently got into hosting servers on one of my computers, and I was wondering, how do I host a Garr’s Mod dedicated server? I tried the link from (or wherever) and was told to use .bat files for starting the server. This had a few bugs, but my main issue was that it was all in a command window. I am just starting out with stuff like this, so I’d like to know, is there any GMod hosting GUI (like the ones Steam provides for L4D2, etc.) or at least a place where I can find the important commands for the server (e.g. max NPCs, moderators, etc.)? Also, where can I find a good guide for installing UlyssesMod on my server? Also, where can I find a guide on what ports to forward in my router? (Linksys WRT150N Wireless Home Router) (Server is on a wired connection).

Considering you have a brain and windows

Keep looking on the wiki for other things, and in the Server Hosting forums there is a section for some Garrysmod GUI