How do I create a public Garry's Mod Server?

Hello, I would like to host a server for the game Garry’s Mod, a DarkRP server. I’ve looked at a bunch of tutorials but I can’t seem to get it to display in the public list. Also any tips for a n00b DarkRP hoster? Any help would be appreciated.

Port forward and it should work right away

Rent a server off of some website

I tried that but I think I did it wrong?? Brb I’m gonna check which service it is.

Before you create it. Do you have any lua knowledge or do you have a friend that is good at lua? If no don’t create the server if yes then good luck.

I would recommend nitrous network nice and stable usually it never lags.

And you need to write this in server console


if you are hosting it by yourself.

I’m hosting it on my computer, how do I get it to work without using Hamachi? And how would I go about having great ping and no lag??
Edit: Got a friend to join, it works okay so far, got ULX and some mods on here. Now I just need a strain test.

Go to or similar and test your network speed. Post back the results.
Also, hosting it on your own computer is, eeh, not so good. Better off buying a VPS or DS.

Also encountered 2 bugs, not being able to shoot or use weapons or items after using context menu and inability to spawn vehicles as admin.

Oh and where can I buy a VPS?

2.2 Mbit Upload speed won’t cover many players, if you want content to be downloaded through the server aswell.

You can find a VPS from any hosting company really. Check through WHT’s VPS Offers sub-forum:

EDIT: Just found this. A 3.5Ghz core is absolutely terrific for a GMod server.

How many players does 2.2mbps Up cover though? Just wondering.
Also that’s a really cool find!

Depends, but I would say that you shouldn’t go over 8-10 players. You’ll also not be able to much else on that network when there are a few players on your server.

With 2.2 mbps u can make a darkRP server for i think 5 - 8 persons. But i hope u know if u skype or so on u lose internet or just surfing.
So think about get a server hostet.

Have you even read through the thread? You basically just repeated what I wrote earlier…

Just portforward these 2 ports, 27015 and 27005. (27005 is for steam servers list.)
Make sure your firewall is disabled.