How do I create a Spawnlist?

Hello I was wondering if anyone would care to let me know how to set it up so that I can create a Spawnlist for my Models… If you could help that would be great and most appreciated…

I made that where i’ve given a description and a blank spawnlist to work from, hopefully you can work it out from there ^^

thank you it worked!

np, Happy to help :slight_smile:

I have one more thing to ask… Is there a way to make it so that your models and materials in the addons folder,transfer over to garrysmod/models and garrysmod/materials…

cause its saying I’m missing my models in the spawnmenu ingame

Did you make sure to put an info.txt in your addon folder like it says to?

I put it in garrysmod/addons/myfolder

humm, thats strange then. What are the models, do they work when not in the addon?

Also check you’ve done the paths to the models correctly and that they are spelt correctly (as thats generally what I get wrong :P).

Well its a small red oil barrel and yes it works without being in the addons…(ingame - Browse)

Your spawnlist look like this?

		"name"		"Barrel"
			"model"	"models/barrel/oil_barrel.mdl"

Also on the exploding issue look here:

yes it does…

Humm that should work then :S

Did you move it or copy it to addons? as if there’s two versions of it that would cause problems.

I think the better way of making spawnlists is making them IN-GAME rather than from the desktop, because if the models are added to the spawnlist from in-game you can get skins (but not bodygroups if the model has any)

I think I have done alittle bit of both trying to get it to work

It’s always worked perfectly for me doing it that way, but I would think doing it ingame would prevent spelling mistakes…humm. How do you choose the name of the spawnlist when doing it ingame?

If you create it ingame how do you get the spawnlist outta game so I can upload to…? I’m trying to figure this out cause I am going to be making a model pack…

I’d assume its in garrysmod/settings/spawnlist, or in-place of the one you added to if you added to one.

his way worked better sorry silver and thank you… both!

np long as you got it working its fine ^^ It is strange though that my way didn’t work, i’ve been doing it like that for over a year and had little to no problems at all :S

Also if you need help getting the barrel to explode just ask :slight_smile:

yes I def. need help getting it to explode
I was trying to get it to work myself but its not… and I need to make my model act like a barrel… when you shoot it its like shooting a rock not metal…and it sounds like plastic…


This is what I have in my new .qc file

$modelname "\exp_barrel\exp_oil_barrel.mdl"
$scale 1.00
		base			Wooden.Small
		health 25
		damage_table "glass"
		dmg.bullets		2 
		explosive_damage	100
		explosive_radius	50 
$surfaceprop metal_barrel
$cdmaterials "models\barrel"
$body "Body" "barrel.smd"
$sequence "idle" "barrel" loop fps 15
$collisionmodel "barrel_col.smd" {
   $mass 100.0