How do I create an elevator in hammer editor the makes multiple stops?

How do I create an elevator in hammer editor the makes multiple stops? The stops are not the same distance from each other, so no func_movelinear cant work. You probably guessed this but i also want to make the doors open when it reaches the floor, I’m not totally new to mapping so if you just tell me how to make it stop at certain path_track’s then i can just figure the door part on my own.
Please Help… I am in kind of in a hurry.

Try this.

Works for me, but if you don’t do it right you may experience a few glitches, but if you DO do it right, the resulting elevator is the highlight of the map.

Make multiple path_tracks and set button outputs like that:
OnPressed StartForward:
OnPressed StartBackward:

Now shape them like UP arrow and DOWN arrow

And push UP, and the elevator skips floors 2,3, and 4, then goes straight to 5. Push down, same thing happens but in reverse, until you get shitty with it.
Noone wants to keep pushing buttons all day, and no adding a stop button will only make the lift stop oddly between levels.

FYI: The multi-stop elevator i quoted uses multiple path_tracks too, only there is 3 new entities and about 30% more sphagetti involved. You just need 30 extra braincells, and to check your map for errors before you test, 70% of malfunctions with such lifts and machines is a simple I/O, Flags or Keyvalues mistakes.

func_movelinear with the movement distance set to the difference in floor height.
Then just have floor number buttons that have a simple output of setdistance (something like that) then the floor number as the variable thingo.
Requires less entities and allows for a more realistic style elevator.

I second this. I found that tutorial a bit difficult to follow due to the formatting but once I finished it, the elevator worked great.