How do I create custom server-side spawnlists?

I have been looking everywhere for this answer. How do I create a spawnmenu tab for my server? I have tried using SProps as a template, but do not know much about lua to change the files. I have gone to …/garrysmod/settings/spawnlist but the spawnlist only applies to my client only. Thanks for assisting me on this :slight_smile: Much appreciated

There’s no such thing as “serverside spawnlists” because spawnlists are clientside, they are displayed on clients.

That being said, the SProps way is the correct way really, if you do not know enough Lua to modify it or whatever, than you shouldn’t be doing this yourself, not yet.

Either start learning Lua, or pay someone to do it for you.

A server I go on has a Whitelist with their props in it, and it only shows up on their server. So, is there a way to modify SProps so that it displays on every users client?

I assume you have to download it as a server addon, so that every player on the server can see it. I just need some help learning to edit the SProp files

Okay, so I tried putting SProps onto my server, and the players on my server can see the list, but the list does not contain the props I want it to, how do I change the SProps props?

Read Robotboy’s post.