How do I create fog that completely hides everything behind it?

I’ve been playing around with the fog controller entity for a while now but can’t seem to get it to produce fog that completely blocks out everything from props to silhouettes of the distant environment. No matter what properties I change the background is still visible to some extent. I know it’s possible to create such fog because I’ve seen it done in this map.

Can somebody please tell me how to replicate this effect?

Set the far z clip plane to the exact same distance as fog_end

This didn’t seem to work. Does it matter what number the fog end/far z clip plane is set to, or are there perhaps other requirements as well?

The only thing required is that the fog start is lower than fog end.
Also make sure you don’t have multiple master fog controllers in your map and set the one with the ‘disappearing’ effect to master if it’s just that one.


Use the way J4censolo explained below this post.


Step 1: Get a texture that has a gradient fade from any color ( it doesn’t matter what color, you’ll see why ) to fully transparent. ( This is supplied in L4D2 Tools, I don’t know about regular Source SDK though. )

Step 2: Place it in a circular style around your sky_camera in the 3D skybox, like so;

Step 3: Match your environment fog with your sky camera fog ( distance, far z clip plane, colors, etc. )

That’s it, you can use any colors, clip plane, skybox, whatever. Don’t have a texture like the one I described? Oh well, sorry, make one or find another way.

This is the end result;

As you can see, the fog blends into the sky ( right portion of the picture ) meaning you can use any skybox you want. It also creates a silhouette around anything in the sky, so…

Pick one: Skybox fog that blends with your world fog and the sky or 3D skybox entities that maintain their visibility.

So yeah, this is how you blend your fog with your skybox. I’ve explained this many times in threads like these, it should be stickied or some shit. Until then, I hope this helps.