How Do I? Create Player models from scratch?

Lets say I have a fully custom 3d model freshly created in 3ds max. Can anyone post links to get a custom model into gmod as a player model? I just spent a while searching the forums and couldn’t find much.
Please and thankyou.
I am completely new to modelling for gmod, so i dont know a thing

You need to first rig the model to the Hl2 skeleton.

where do i find that?

in source models.gcf–>hl2\models\humans\group01\male_xx.mdl
then decompile it and rig a new model to it.
Then delete flexes, eyepositions from the .qc and other things that aren’t of use with your new model anymore , however be really sure you know what you delete. I think $attachment “eyes” “ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1” is safe to delete while $attachment “anim_attachment_head” “ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1” is not, I don’t quite know as I still have very little knowledge myself. Then follow this tutorial and compile it and you should end up with a custom playermodel that maybe needs some weighting work or not at all if you’re lucky

immensely helpful, thank you.

also note that i am new to creating custom gmod content:
what is a .qc?
how do i know what attachments are safe to delete? Do i even have to delete, or is it a choice?

.qc is a file that comes with every decompiled model. Look at the folder you extraceted your decompiled model into, there should be something named “mdldecompiler.qc”. you open that with notepad and edit everything to your liking, although sorry I don’t really know where to find a tutorial about .qc commands and I assume you have little to no clue what to do with the qc file. However if you’ve rigged a model already to this skeleton, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to do much more.

i found out there is alot (i mean ALOT) of info on

Also thanks for the help again, i think i found everything i need.