How do I create the ViewTarget bone of a XPS/XNA model?

I have checked the other 3 posts regarding viewtargets (eyeposing for sfm) in the forum and their solutions didn’t help my case, so after exhausting my options, I came to ask you guys

I have successfully ported a model from xnalara into sfm, with no problems with the skeleton, mesh or textures.

but I cannot, for the life of me, find how to properly create a viewtarget bone to move the model’s eyes.

I have found this archived forum post:

And I think it has the solution I need, but I still have the same problem when exporting my smd, it tells me that it can’t compile the model because the smd does not have “eyeball_r” ( and I guess “eyeball_l” as well)

So the next step I took was to edit the QC file and renamed the eyeball_r to the model’s eye texture. And that still didn’t work.

So now I think the solution lies in “applying the eyeball_r.tga , eyeball_l.tga to the model in 3dsmax” but I don’t know how to do it properly, so that it works when I export it for SFM.

So if any of you guys have more experience porting xna/xps models or have created a viewtarget bone with custom models before. I’d love to be nudged into the right direction.

If you know how to “apply the eyeball_r.tga” in 3dsmax, please tell me how to do it properly. If you only know blender, it’ll help me too.

because I think the model I have can be posed in Gmod, because of all the tools for posing. But in SFM, not having the viewtarget sucks :S

Thanks in advance guys