How do I cut blocks in half? (i know its easy but..)

I want to cut this block in half :

But, whenever I try to cut it in half, it always goes to the other grid point! I cant get it in between! Any facepunchers know the right idea? (im a Hammer noob)

reduce the grid size with the little #- button in the upper left corner

You can also turn off grid snap with Shift + W

But that’s probably not what you want to do

‘[’ lowers grid size, and ‘]’ raises it

It worked! I can finally cut the block in two! Ok, so now, how do I change it back to grid mode? this freeroam is making is quite hard to make corners.

[del]ctrl+[/del]shift+w or in the menus.

I strongly recommend not turning off grid snap, it’s going to give you a lot of headache down the road when hammer decides to try and realign those brushes.

Shift+W Is just a grid snap toggle


Like he said, just reduce the grid size. Make your cut. Then put the grid size back. You didn’t need to turn of grid snapping.