How do I cut this edge?

Im trying to cut this edge off on the sidewalk, how do I do this?

What I usually use here is a high edged (8-12) cylinder 2 times the size of the corner, and then cut that cylinder brush in half twice with the clipping tool.

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this x2 would be 256, so you draw out a 256 block and make this:

which you clip in half to make

and again

and then you line it up and rotate the texture with the texture applicator tool. Higher sided cylinders equal less “blocky” edges. These were with a 8 sided cylinder and look a little jank, so here’s what a 12 sided cylinder looks like


Why wouldn’t you just use the clipping tool?

Thank you! Got it to work perfectly after 3 crashes! xD

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Because its hard to get it perfect then.

I would actually use the Arch Tool because it would give a cleaner edge.