How do I deal with corrupt Admins?

Hey guys,
sorry for opening this Thread but I was playing Rust the whole day today.
After I had like a well setup base and friendly Neighbours I was at the Radiation Lake thing and some guy said he is friendly and started shooting at me, I killed him.
Then an Admin came up to my Base and just unlimited C4 to blow up my 3 doors and killed us onehit. Well there is one thing about it: We shot him like 10 Times with Shotguns and M4 and a mate of him also shot him in the back because he thought it’s one of us, he didn’t die=Godmode?)
Well after that I respawned just to see what happened to my house.
The Admin blocked every entrance with Walls and his own Metal Door.
I wanted to destroy it with C4 that I got from my Neighbour the same Admin came up.
I just asked him why he did all this, he laughed at me for beeing abit Mad and then said that I killed one of his retarded friends (the guy at the Radiated Lake thing who shot me FIRST!)
After that he just shot me with his Pumpgun and then banned me from the server!
How can I find out who is the original Admin of the Server so I can report this guy?
The Server IP is (don’t know if it is the right one) it’s called [EU]NoobFriendly ~20%Crafttime
It’s also not noobfriendly if this Admin does things like this.
Can someone link me the original Admin maybe, or tell me what to do because I got banned for no reason on the server I was playing the whole damn day.
Sorry for bad english and spelling mistakes.

the only way is to wait around or ask around the server how to contact the admin or if the server has a website, and report the abuse.

if the person happens to own the server, cut your losses and move on to another one. there’s nothing you can do since the server is the admins’ property

Just don’t play on that server anymore, it is as simple as that. These people like myself pay for a server and that gives us the right to run it how we like, if you don’t like how we run it then you don’t play on it. Hopefully others will catch on that the server is not how it should be and then move on to a new one with better staff.

We had himself strong problems with this admin! I think his Name is Dennos.
The only way to solve these problems is to look for a new server! Sorry!

Man that sucks :confused: not much you can do about it though. I run a server but would never do any of this childish crap. Bet he’s 15 or under.

In the beginning he was very friendly. But then he became very annoying. He has not been listening young.

some people can become drunk with even as little power as a video game admin

Made my Day! :smiley:

What’s the name of the server, you sound nice :stuck_out_tongue: