How do i delete the "cheaters.cfg"

I removed the “copy of cheaters.cfg” and my friend who doesnt have sethhack anymore cant join how do i let him join?

Not if he was banned by garry, The bans were hardcoded into Gmod. If he was banned. Might as well get a new steam account.



Unfortunately, this is true. It’s sad that I got banned for a module that hasn’t worked for two or so months. Yet, Garry says he only banned people within the last few weeks that were hacking. I guess Garry’s definition of few is different than mine.

So even if you just simply have the module but are not using it you can be banned. hmmm

Apparently. People can do that, unfortunately. One time I joined a TTT server and got banned because I got a few headshots in a row with a deagle. They looked into my GMod folder and found a module that was apparently for no recoil. Problem is, it didn’t work. Seriously, they were reading off these modules that I had no idea how to use. Needless to say, I got permabanned. If they can see what’s in my garrysmod folder, why not just let them see what’s in my C drive as well? I guess it’s okay for GMod communities to break the fourth amendment over dumb suspicions.

Yes, because the entire fucking world must abide by the US constitution. Not to mention that those rights don’t apply when you’re on private property, which is exactly what servers are.

Meh. It’s still bullshit regardless of that.

So was your post, what’s your point?

Don’t hack tbh.

Nobody can see what’s inside your garrysmod folder, but servers can check what kind of scripts and modules you are running.

You had a hackfile, that’s your fault no matter if you intended to hack or not.

Garry also did warn everyone anyway when he posted the cheaters article on his blog.

It would have been justifiable had I had hacked within the timeframe Garry posted, but I didn’t so…

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Cool. So if you have a broken, not working module in your garrysmod folder, you agree that Garry should be able to ban you. Seems like someone needs to get a brain.

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Yes, because it’s totally fair that Garry warns a select group of people about cheating on his blog. Not really. I don’t check Garry’s blog. And even if I did, would he had fucking told us, “Hey, remove gmcl_sdef2, a broken cheating module, from your garrysmod or I’m banning you.”? Didn’t think so.

You still cheated at some point, with the purpose of cheating in places where people REALLY didn’t want you to cheat.

So in my mind you can shoo… (Shoo = fuck off, but politely.)

If people use old CSS cheats that don’t work but still try, then guess what. You still get vac banned.

Despite what you or I think, Garry said he was only banning people within the last few weeks that hacked so…

Who gives a fuck. You cheated, end of story. Be happy Garry didn’t report you to VAC. Now quit bitching.

I give a fuck, dumbass. Also, funny thing is I’m already VAC banned on that account. Silly child, learn about VAC and how Garry’s Mod uses it before you start acting like you know shit.

Oh yeah, and I already have GMod on another account that’s not banned. Had it for a long time. The only reason I’m bitching (and rightfully so) is because Garry banned me over a module that no longer works.

And as we’ve said, VAC ban for hacks for don’t work,
As does punkbuster.
As does every single damn built in anticheat I know of.

The dude is just clearly butthurt.

Love how he’s tellin’ me to learn how VAC works, yet I have stated nothing about the workings of it. QQ Some moar Deaded38

Well shit, son, I’m sure garry is REALLY sorry for banning you over this “CLEARLY” broken cheat module.
I mean, he should have checked if it actually worked, because poor you weren’t doing anything wrong! I mean, the hack DIDN’T WORK.
That’s as retarded as punishing someone for a failed crime.

Oh wait.