How do I detail?

I’ve never really gotten the concept of detailing and I don’t really know what to do for it and what to use.
this is currently my map so far, it is a TDM map im working on, its set inside a giant storage site that a company uses to store items. Theoretically terrorists are taking the items because they broke in and CTs have to come and kill them

I don’t really know how to detail.

This is the unfinished project I’m remaking:

I worked on this project for a few days and left it to die because I didn’t have any true ideas for it.

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I also don’t really get the concept of making a competitive map that is really detailed.
I have layouts down but I never really get around to making it because IDK how to detail or get gud with hammer.
I’ve been using hammer since november


Did you base your map off anywhere in real life? Take a closer look around there and see what it has, compared to what you don’t.

No this is just truely something I made randomly

A lot of it comes from trying to “fill up” the level
Try adding random stains, graffiti and other decals
Bits of structural support and such on the buildings
Throw in props and small things that can be func_detail to just add more stuff
Have a look at other maps like the default cs:s maps and such to see what other people have done to get an idea of how to fill it up and make it feel real and a completed map

Take inspiration from buildings around you, search online to see what details real life buildings have.

Take this simple warehouse as an example. The roof overhangs the walls. There are lights, posts, windows, doors etc. Although warehouses are very straightforward in design, they are not simply a block.

As Maclman has mentioned, add structural support to the roofs, walls etc. Graffiti and dirt decals to add wear to the buildings. Guttering, cables, lights.

Small displacements on the grass so it isn’t completely flat and blend textures (you could blend the grass to the concrete).

Good luck :slight_smile:

Another way to think about detailing is to think about the theme of your map.

For instance, say the theme is 'Recently attacked. Where is your map? Is it in the ruins of an old industrial district? or are you at a new, flashy, recently made commercial park? What would you expect to see there? Would you see bullet holes, blood stains, broken walls, abandoned cups on the ground?How new are the buildings? Are they crisp and clean, or slightly weathered? What would the furniture look like? Hastily pushed over to present a barricade? Or simply sitting not doing anything? Would you expect trash to be on the ground, maybe the odd oil stain from trucks? What would you expect to hear? The distant sound of gun fire? Or perhaps just the low frequency buzz of electronics? Or even the gentle roar of the wind? What time is it? Is the sky a burnished orange of sunset, or a clean clear blue, or perhaps overcast?

Try and put yourself into where you are, and build on what you’d expect to see, while always going back to that theme you picked originally. Then just trawl through google images while thinking on these things, paying attention to the little things. Then just run riot.

The way I do it is by little scenes. Say you got an evil villain’s lair Think of a room in a practical sense. He’s need a clock to check the time his bombs go off, a big computer fit for world domination, perhaps a camera and projector. Of course he would need to breathe a zillion miles underground, so a vent system would be good. Cables everywhere because who cares about cable management. A minion briefing side room with a glass window, light fixtures, support beams etc.

Just see what props you have and think “what would work well here?”

Also for general detail, stick stuff at edges. Most junk tends to have a gravitational pull towards corners and walls.

As for buildings Trim, arches, and beams are your best friends. Also angles and insets are really great for making rooms less boring.

Junk. If it’s a storage facility, lots of boxes and crates to take cover/look nice. Beams and trim also do WONDERS

the best thing i have always done is just look at real life references. google maps/street view i feel is underused and one of the best resources out there for matching architectural styles of pretty much anywhere in the world.

I did some improvement today

Good job so far, I’d recommend adding some graffiti and/or stains onto the left side warehouse, since there will bound to be some over the years, and T spawn can use a roof

And way more storage/crates/etc. Typically you don’t have just three boxes outside of a warehouse :v: