How do I detect whether a door is a double door and get its other door?


These are two doors. They count as a “double door” and both open when one is opened.
How can I:

  1. detect whether a door is linked to another?
  2. get the linked door?


Search for entities in a small radius and assume its the paired door,

manually define each door.

I thought of this, but I was wondering if there was a more efficient way.

If not, I’ll probably just do this. It wouldn’t be too difficult and could turn out pretty well as I can slide the vector across the door’s size and check the distance between the two. Should be good.

You can check via keyvalues if it’s a slave of anything.

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You know that apartment on rp_downtown_v2 that you can enter by going down the stairs near PD?
It has a backdoor that leads to sewers, these doors are really close to each other.

Double doors usually have the same targetname. ( If they don’t, both doors will not open simultaneously when you open one )

I’m fairly certain that’s what most maps use - the same door name rather than slave

You’re right! I can get this by using ents.FindByName(entity:GetName()). Thanks!